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Organic food sales amounted to more than $55 billion dollars in 2020 and only continue to grow. More than 15% of all fruits and vegetables sold in America are now organic. SCS is committed to supporting those growers and handlers who have done the hard work necessary to make an organic claim through our certification process. Help set your food products apart with the USDA Organic Certification seal certified by SCS Global Services.

Why choose SCS Global Services?

SCS was among the first certifiers to be accredited under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and works successfully with innovative growers and handlers around the globe to promote responsible agricultural practices. Certification through SCS provides the unique opportunity to actively market your pesticide residue free status during the three-year mandatory transition period to organic. You can even save time and money by combining your organic certification with complementary certification, auditing and testing services including: Non-GMO Project Verification, Sustainably Grown, Fair Trade, and SCS Gluten-Free certification.

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The US Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP) provides certification opportunities to producers, processors, distributors and other handlers of food, fiber and personal care products.

Certification Criteria

The NOP standard defines acceptable practices, lists substances approved or prohibited from use, and describes record-keeping requirements for the production and handling of organic products. Guidelines and requirements for marketing and labeling organic products are also defined.

To meet certification criteria, companies must:

  • Prepare and implement an Organic Production or Handling System Plan
  • Comply with Organic Management Practices
  • Maintain relevant records for at least 5 years
  • Label products in an appropriate manner

Annual certification review is required to maintain certification.

Equivalency for Export

USDA NOP standards are recognized by Canada and all EU countries. For certain countries, an addendum may be required to be completed at time of audit.

Fee Schedule

Access the Organic Certification Fee Schedule here.

Complementary Services

Save time and money by combining your organic certification with complementary certification, auditing and testing services including: Sustainably Grown, Fair Trade, and Food Safety.

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